Financial Aid Grant Application

This grant is for artists and craftspeople. The grant money is to be used for materials and/or equipment and/or training.

  • Applicants must be residents of Lopez Island and members of Lopez Artist Guild in good standing for the previous 12 months.
  • Applicants must have a current Profile Page posted on the LAG Website.
  • Applicants should have contributed some volunteer time to Lopez Artist Guild activities (putting up posters, helping with show hangings, helping at Opening Receptions, volunteering on a committee, etc.)
  • Applications will be weighted accordingly when financial need is noted.

The application must be submitted before May 15 of each year. Send supporting material to: Lopez Artist Guild, P.O.Box 767, Lopez Island, WA 98261.

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Street Address

Grant Request

State equipment and/or materials for which you are requesting funds and how you anticipate these materials will help you. If available, please submit descriptive brochures or materials via mail.

Total Amount Requested

Itemize costs for equipment and materials to be used in your work and for which you request funds. Please estimate total costs.

Financial Need

If you have a "financial need", please explain that here. Grants will be weighted if a "financial need" is indicated.

Volunteer Work

Please describe how you have contributed as a volunteer for LAG or how you might help as a volunteer in the future.


As a condition for the grant, you will be asked to provide feedback to the guild about your experience. This could be in the form of a demonstration or presentation to the Guild at one of its meetings, or a written report to the Guild on how you benefited from the grant, and how the funds were expended. Please indicate in this section what type of feedback you will provide and when.

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