Galleries and Exhibitions
LAG Presents: Five Artists
Lopez Center for Community and the Arts
Lopez Center for Community and the Arts
204 Village Road
Lopez Island, WA 98261

The lobby and meeting room of Lopez Center for Community and the Arts continuously exhibits works by various Lopez artists.
Dec. 8, 2017 - Feb. 5, 2018: Lopez Artist Guild Members' Art Show
Jennifer Aviles

Lopez Artist Guild presents an exhibition featuring five artist members. The art work includes multimedia paintings by artists Richard Singer and Jennifer Aviles, Photography by Rick Wigre and Karlena Pickering and kiln fired paintings on porcelain by Sara Snowden. Hours of viewing are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 10:00am until 2:00pm. The exhibition will run from December 8th through February 5, 2018.

Karlena Pickering
Rick Wigre
Sarah Snowden
Richard Singer
LAG Grant Recipient 2017: Congratulations, Brenna Jael!
Did you know that The Lopez Artist Guild (LAG) started as the "Home Economics Club" in 1924? LAG is a non-profit organization with a mission to support the visual arts and artists on Lopez Island. Each year we offer a "Grants and Scholarships" program to people pursuing visual arts education, specialized supplies and equipment.

The Shirley Wright Scholarship offers up to $1000 to a graduating High School Senior who is committed to pursuing visual art and has been accepted to an accredited instituion. This year there were no applicants.

The Financial Aid Grant is offered to Lopez artists or craftspeople to help pay for materials, equipment and/or training in a visual arts field.

For 2017, an award was made to Brenna Jael to purchase a specialized tool for bookbinding with leather. It is a device called a "Scharffix", and it is used to make leather edges very thin for book spines, corners and decorative leather work. Brenna is committed to the tradition and craft of making books and hopes to teach more classes in the Islands.

For more information about Grants and Scholarships, the history and mission of LAG, or to get involved, visit our website