Colleen James
Colleen James
Sculpture: Bronze, porcelain, paper
Jewelry: Cameos, silk ribbon, leather and beads

Mailing address
P O BOX 811
Lopez Island, WA 98261



Studio: Gallery 10
63 Village Road
Phone 360.468.4910
open daily at noon
I have been a professional artist since 1971. My figurative sculpture is done in bronze, porcelain and/or paper. My jewelry consists of hand crafted cameos, hand dyed silk ribbon, soft leather, vintage and crystal beads.
In my art I seek to evoke in you, the viewer, sweet dreams and fantasies, a smile or blush, perhaps the memory of a once favored song. My work is inspired by one or more of these very things. Each piece is unique and stands as a tribute to the romantic in each of us.