Shonna Roadruck
Shonna Roadruck
Photography: Historically significant sites & ruins



My name is Shonna Roadruck. I am an aspiring journalist and photographer.

I started my journey into photography over 10 years ago when my mentor, Greg Ewert, first started to teach me. I continued to do photography through middle and high school as well as some creative writing and art classes.

After I graduated, I decided to take some small business management and web design courses.

My love for photography never dwindled. When Greg was diagnosed with cancer, I saw him from time to time in the restaurant I was working at.

One of my final memories was when him and his family came to dinner. They asked me to personally come to their table. I leaned over to him and he handed me a gift. It was a brand new digital camera. He leaned to me and told me "You are going to be a great photographer someday, keep up the good work." I burst into tears and hugged him.

I dedicate my work to the man that taught and continues to teach me everything I know. I will make him proud by continuing to be a great photographer.

My focus in my work is to document and photograph ruins and historically significant sites. I also enjoy capturing landscape shots, wildlife and flora and fauna. I dislike photographing people and do not do portraits. I love to do event and sports photography as well.

My writing is based solely on the factual information of the sites I visit and the way I connect with them spiritually. I choose to write about the way the place makes me feel and how it affects me, without taking away from documenting it properly and teaching the public.

My mission:
"I will not let people forget where we came from, that all of these building blocks that created our civilization are in jeopardy of being lost in time. That one day your and my children will see these magnificent places, and too, be inspired to cherish and hold onto our history. We need to preserve, protect, and educate all."

I hope you enjoy my work. Many wonderful photography trips are on the horizon...