Sheila Metcalf
Sheila Metcalf
Textile: Hand woven, dyed, embellished textiles

Mailing address
944 Fisherman Bay Rd
Lopez Island, WA 98261




Sunnyfield Studio
900 Fisherman Bay Rd
When I relocated to Lopez Island in 1999, hand weaving became my focused work. A love affair began with textures in cloth and all colors from the dye pot. I explored local wool, silk, alpaca, cotton, rayons and my handspun fibers. I played with resist dye techniques, indigo, synthetic and natural dyes and was endlessly surprised and delighted.

Over time garments have become my focus. At present I design and create one-of-a-kind wraps and kimono-style jackets using painted warps and resist dye techniques on natural fibers.

Watching my work go out into the world is sweet pleasure. And creating at my looms not only connects me to all weavers around the globe and through centuries, but I can experience and share the healing energy of handwork with others.