Call to order 1702

Present: Brooke, Jules Mc Leland, Kate Scott, Polly Ham,
Ruthie Van Doren,Barbara Nepom, Linda Vorobik, Karen Hattman

Minutes approved by those present.


Karen reported on information sent by Bruce Creps. These included
income statement from the 2018 tour and membership dues.
(the bold items are the 2018 numbers)
Studio tour income 2018: (including fees and advertising) 5045.00
Dues for membership 2018: 1575.00
(studio tour income 2017: 7165.00)
(dues for membership 2017: 1950.00)
Total Studio Tour Cost 2018: 4062.97
(total studio tour cost 2017: 4824.12)
Scholarship/grants 2018: 2000.00
(scholarship/grants 2017: 400.00)
Preview Show 2018 406.00
(preview show 2017 413.00)

The differences in accounting from 2017 to 2018 are due to fewer people signing up for the Studio Tour, Fewer people renewing their membership and only awarding one grant in 2017 and no scholarship as no one applied.

Tour income difference from 2017 to 2018: 2120.00
Membership difference from 2017 to 2018: 375.00
Tour expense difference from 2017 to 2018: 761.15
Scholarship difference from 2017 to 2018: 1600.00
Preview Show difference from 2017 to 2018: 7.00

The complete treasurer report will be added into minutes as attachment #1.

There is one show remaining for 2018
SOUTH END SHOW: NOV 30 opening with participants being:
Linda Vorobik, Rick Wigre, Brooks, Karen Hattman

Rick Wigre is out of town. Karen reporting for him
He did have issues with having the advertisements played on time in the newspaper. There was discussion as to continuing with placing ads in the paper. It was decided to continue. Linda Vorobik suggested that, when the schedule of shows is released in January, we send the paper a list of dates for the advertisements to be placed in the paper. If we reserve these dates perhaps they will actually be placed. We will also make calls to the paper the week prior to ad placement to be sure it will happen.

Sheila Metcalf is out of town. Karen will report:
The recipient of the scholarship has started school.
There is a discussion about not awarding grants and using this money for workshops for the entire membership. This was agreed to by those present and we will ask Anne Whirledge-Karp to remove this from the website.

Anne is out of town. Her report will be done at the next meeting.


Studio Tour Report:
The Preview Show was well attended. There was a wonderful array of hour d' oeuvres which were consumed with relish. There were many glasses of wine sold and there were art pieces sold as well!

The studio Tour was also well attended. The weather was very nice and the report, from those who attended the meeting, was that overall sales were up compared to last year.

Publicity announcement: Rick Wigre has submitted requirements for posters that he will require for developing posters for the shows. He is very willing to work with members to best show off their work on the poster. The requirements will be scanned in at the end of the minutes as attachment #2.


Studio Tour 2019

There must be a person to head up the tour. There will be a list of jobs developed and sent out for signing up. The list will be sent by e-mail from LAG. If there is no interest in signing up for the tour jobs, there will not be a tour for 2019.

In the event of the tour preceding, Linda Vorobik made a suggestion that each artist provide a "QR" code for placement in the brochures and on show title cards. This will help with ease of following the artist by potential patrons.
There will be a review of the brochure prior to printing for all participants to review the content of their information and map placement. This will be a date and time to be determined when the brochure is ready and will be held at the library. This information will be sent to all participants of the tour by an e-mail mailing from LAG.


There are ongoing talks with Moira Goode about LAG joining with Moira to have a venue for LAG to have a presence in the village. We have had several meetings with Moira. She is excited to have an opportunity to work with us in forming this partnership.
This space will give the LAG members an additional place to show their art. It will provide a place for workshops which can be marketed to off island persons of interest as well as island artists. This would provide income to the gallery.
It will provide a space for LAG to have a home to hold meetings etc.

We will need a commitment from LAG members who have work hanging in the gallery to "person" the gallery when it is open. We would love for this to happen in the spring of 2019. There is still much planning to take place, but the most important aspect is whether there is active interest by the membership in LAG to have this happen. There will be an e-mail fro LAG sent to survey the membership to see if there is interest in this endeavor.


LAG has received a request from the Lopez Chamber of Commerce that information about signs for Odlin Park be presented to the LAG membership. They would like a design sent to them by November 15,2018. The request will be sent to the membership through an e-mail from LAG.


Karen has a proposal for a project for an art installation at the Family Resource Center's new building, made by the people of the island.
The overall concept is to have small 4"x4" maximum dimension item representing island life mounted on a large board hung on the wall.
This could be flowers, sea creatures, birds, shells or other like images. These can be made in clay, glass, papier-mÃÆ'Æ'à 'ÃÆ'šÃšÃ‚¢chÃÆ'Æ'à 'ÃÆ'šÃšÃ‚©, small paintings or collages, wood sculpture act. (No fabric as that can not be dusted clean.)
I would like some LAG artists to agree to participate. I will also hold a workshop to invite community to participate in making the item they wish to include.
Photos of the concept were passed around. There was interest in the project. A timetable will be reviewed with Pamela McCabe. Once this is done a workshop will be established and advertised on Lopez Rocks. More information will be sent to LAG members once the timetable is established.


Malia Sanford spoke with us about her new position as Art Show Co Ordinator. She is the person to contact to have a show at the library. She can also help artists develop their artist statements. Please contact her at:

Meeting was adjourned at 1858