Featuring Artists: Julia Mira and Robin Limbach
Lopez Island Library
Lopez Island Library
2225 Fisherman Bay
Lopez Island, WA 98261

Art In the Library - Artist of the Month

Lopez Library is a public library created by the people of Lopez to provide resources and services for the enrichment of their cultural and recreational lives, and to provide information needed for daily living and decision-making. The library strives to promote the love of reading and of lifelong learning.

The library provides a premier place for artists to show their work. A volunteer Art Coordinator's primary role is seeking and selecting artists for each show. Artists wishing to display at the library can contact our current art coordinator, Kristina Moen at 468-3933. Art displayed in the entry cabinet can be coordinated through Meg Ryan at 468-4330.

Aug. 10, 2018 - Sep. 20, 2018: Art in the Library
Julia Mira

The Library is pleased to present two new exhibitions by artists Julia Mira and Robin Limbach, beginning Friday, August 10th. Julia Mira's vibrant paintings and drawings on canvas, paper, and deer-hide will adorn the library walls. The display cabinet will showcase Robin Limbach's intricate and whimsical origami sculptures.

The exhibit will run from August 10th - September 20th, and can be seen whenever the library is open.

Julia Mira:
"Electromagnetic energy spreads from mile-long radio waves to frantic little gamma rays. The visible light that we notice is just a little blip somewhere near the middle of that vast rainbow If we lived at the pace of rocks, we'd see the slow swings of eons, mountains rising and stars jostling for North Star position. If we lived at the level of diatoms we'd struggle with Brownian motion as individual water molecules danced and shoved.

What you can see is always more than what you do see.

For decades I lived off the grid in the San Juan Islands, surrounded by sheep, cedar, salmon, books, tanagers, pillbugs, apple trees, quilts, copepods, eagles, children, ducks, pie cherries, and other rural marvels, striving to meld Native and immigrant, sacred and daily, joyous and solemn; to honor nature and our participation in it.

Recently I moved to Lopez to experience urban living. I'm pretty sure I like it."

Robin Limbach:
"Origami is the art of folding a flat, square piece of paper into a 3-dimensional sculpture. A disciplined origami artist uses only their hands and the paper, no tearing, cutting, or gluing. I received my first origami book as a Christmas present when I was 4 years old. My interest and ability grew slowly, and I became especially committed to the craft when I was 8. I can now fold nearly 50 different origami models by memory. Becoming more comfortable and accomplished in my origami practice has helped me to be more accomplished in other studies, especially math. The best paper for origami is not too thin and not too thick, slightly lighter than printer paper. The most unusual materials I have folded into origami sculptures are dollar bills, paper towels, and cloth napkins. I enjoy origami because I can do it wherever I go. I can keep my hands busy while listening to music or stories, or while having a conversation. I work with a mentor, Molly Swan Sheeran, who has taught me how to cut Celtic knots out of paper. I also look for inspiration on YouTube and in origami books. Many of my origami creations move like the animals they represent"wings flap, heads nod, and petals open." -

Robin Limbach