FROM THE SEA, FOR THE SEA, Linda Ann Vorobik and Cathleen Wilson
Lopez Island Library
Lopez Island Library
2225 Fisherman Bay
Lopez Island, WA 98261

Art In the Library - Artist of the Month

Lopez Library is a public library created by the people of Lopez to provide resources and services for the enrichment of their cultural and recreational lives, and to provide information needed for daily living and decision-making. The library strives to promote the love of reading and of lifelong learning.

The library provides a premier place for artists to show their work. A volunteer Art Coordinator's primary role is seeking and selecting artists for each show. Artists wishing to display at the library can contact our current art coordinator, Malia Sanford at 468-2265.
Jul. 11, 2019 - Sep. 22, 2019: Art in the Library
Linda Ann Vorobik, Salmon on Silk

This new exhibit will include Vorobik's undersea watercolors and hand-painted silks, and Wilson's underwater photography. Both Vorobik and Wilson are south end residents who live by the water and love what they see: on the beaches and shores, and (for Wilson who is an intrepid snorkeler) undersea life. Both artists are biologists who have specialized in terrestrial life. However, their knowledge coupled with their love of aquatic life has resulted in concern for the changes they are noticing and the decrease in numbers and diversity of undersea creatures. Through their art these two artists hope to increase awareness of life in the Salish Sea and other waters, and inspire love for our marine neighbors.

Cathleen Wilson is an ecologist and photographer. She worked for many years doing ecological research in Olympic and Yellowstone National Parks, and in Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelle Islands. Cathy has lived on Lopez Island for the last 21 years and began snorkeling and capturing photos of sea creatures in Hughes Bay about 8 years ago. She snorkels with a camera and a mask, no wetsuit, all year around. Her goal is to make people aware of what beautiful and amazing beings surround us in the Salish Sea. "Hopefully more awareness of these beings will bring more empathy for the oceans and the planet".

Linda Ann Vorobik is a PhD Botanist and Botanical Artist. She is known primarily as a botanical illustrator for books and journals scientific journals (for more information see In this show she tackles aquatic subjects, and happily relives, through art, moments from our local beaches and in the waters off Hawaii, Tonga, and Palau. Her small paintings are watercolor with ink; her wall hangings and scarves are hand-painted silks, done with gutta resists and French dyes.

The artwork will be at the library from July 11th through August 22nd and can be seen whenever the library is open.

Cathleen Wilson, Jelly Flare