2019 Members by Media

Leslie Austin
Linda Barton
Nancy Bingham: Functional stoneware
Joyce Brinar
Stephen Nicolas Carter: Maiolica, terra cotta
Polly Ham: Glazed or sawdust fired porcelain
Jeffrey Hanks: Functional & decorative stoneware & porcelain
Lydia Lukahnovich
Laura J. Morris: Mainly functional
Kelsey Nelsen
Patie Savage: Clay animals
Ruth G. Van Doren: Porcelain and terra cotta
Jennifer Aviles: Pen and ink
Ralph Bladt: Watercolor and chalk figurative
Tamara Buchanan
Steven R Hill: All mediums - landscape, portrait and figurative works
Peter Kuentzel
Barbara Mino: Pencil, charcoal, pen/ink
Elisabeth Robson
Kate Scott: Prisma color, pen and ink, graphite
jeremy lucas thomas
Linda Ann Vorobik: Botanical drawings in pencil, ink
Functional Art
Sally Jane Anaya: Baskets, vessels
TJ Anderson: Functional wood pieces, ie bowls
Joyce Brinar
Jeffrey Hanks: Pottery
Brenna Jael: Bookbinding
Elizabeth Landrum
Lydia Lukahnovich
Bob McCabe: Wooden furniture
Beth Shirk: Carved wooden spoons
Rahman Anderson
Martha Garcia: Stained glass
Shannon Melialani Hoffman: Beach glass jewelry
Aurore Moursund Maren: Sculpture and windows
Janis Miltenberger
Gerry Newcomb: Cast glass
Kelly O'Dell: Sculpture inspired by nature
Terri Roush: Kiln formed glass vessels, functional tableware, cast obects
Patie Savage: Fused glass plates, platters and bowls
Raven Skyriver: Sculpture inspired by marine life
Graphic Design
William "Bill" Blaine Johnson
Christa Malay: Logos, posters
Amanda Summers McCauley: Real pressed flowers, encausticwax
Kate Scott: Logos, letter heads, posters
Rick Wigre: Computer graphics, computer drawings, animations, illustrator
Jennifer Aviles
Brenna Jael: Pen & ink art
Christa Malay: Drawings, cartoons, caricatures
Daphne Morris: Botanical
jeremy lucas thomas
Linda Ann Vorobik: Botanical art
Sally Jane Anaya: Woven, beaded
Shannon Melialani Hoffman: Stone collection cut from raw rock, shaped and polished
Colleen James: Cameos, silk ribbon, leather and beads
Jules McLeland
Janet Yang
Mixed Media
Jennifer Aviles: Metal and paper, pyrographics on wood
Brooks Brooks: Mixed media collage
Christi Carter
Amy Ferron: Acrylic paint, collage
Brenna Jael: Everything else!
Linda Anne Koenig: Assemblage
Elizabeth Landrum
Amanda Summers McCauley: Botanical collage
Daphne Morris: Mini dioramas
Kelly O'Dell
John Carter Pray: Anything that pleases me to use
Elisabeth Robson
Jessica Suzanne Roundy: Collage, hybrid drawing, site-specific installations
Suzanne Roundy: Paper collage & found object assemblage
Richard Singer: Painting and photography
Lori Taylor: Functional and decorative mosaic using glass, stone and other
jeremy lucas thomas
Robert Wood
Janet Yang
Lynda Meurk Anderson: Painting, drawing, printing, beading, natural dyeing of paper
Anne Hietbrink
Jessica Suzanne Roundy: Landscape design
Other Media
TJ Anderson: Wood bowls, platters, etc
John Thomas Eslinger: Turned, carved, painted wood
Bryan Steven Gooding: Assemblage - a combination of found objects and a collage
Amanda Summers McCauley: Organic mixed media
Sally Moore: Metal art
John Carter Pray: It all depends.
Beth Shirk: Carved wooden spoons
Richard Singer: Island boxes with 2d and 3d media
Jennifer Aviles: Oils, acrylics, water color and alcohol inks
Linda Barton
Nancy Bingham: Water color and acrylic
Ralph Bladt: Plein air watercolor painting
Wendy Buffum
Deborah Bundy
Mary M Christensen
Karen Hattman: Watercolor
Steven R Hill: Pastels, watercolors and oils for plein air landscape paintings
Jonelle Johnson
William "Bill" Blaine Johnson
Linda Anne Koenig: Watercolor
Lane Langford: Acrylic on panel
Coral A. Lehtinen
Christa Malay: Pastels,watercolors,oils
Aurore Moursund Maren: Oils, watercolor
Terry Marshall: Watercolor
Barbara Mino: Watercolor, oil, pastel
Daphne Morris: Watercolor
Ginny Neece: Pastels
John Carter Pray: Oils, gouache
Molly Preston: Oil
Robert Proctor: Watercolor and oil
Julia Rust
Michael Rust
Patie Savage: Oil painting on canvas
Kate Scott: Oil, water color, oil pastel
Richard Singer: Watercolor
Sylvia Chesley Smith
Sarah Snowden: Overglaze paints kiln fired on porcelain
Jaimie Layla Terada: Acrylic on wood or canvas
jeremy lucas thomas
Ruth G. Van Doren: Oils, watercolors
ann vandervelde: Acrylic and paper on canvas
Linda Ann Vorobik: Botanical watercolors
Anne Whirledge-Karp: Watercolor, pastel
Tamara Buchanan
Christi Carter
Peter R Cavanagh: Birds
Pedro Augusto Leite Costa
Bill Evans
Heather W Gladstone
Robert S. Harrison
Scott Hatch
Steve Horn
William "Bill" Blaine Johnson
Linda Anne Koenig: Used i-pad camera
Aurore Moursund Maren: Genus loci
Karlena Pickering: Photography, still life, landscape, astro
Shonna Roadruck: Historically significant sites & ruins
Elisabeth Robson
Jessica Suzanne Roundy: Photograms, landscape phography
Suzanne Roundy: Travel & food
Summer Moon Scriver
SuZan Spunar
Pat Torpie: Photography and encaustic photography
Anne Whirledge-Karp
Rick Wigre: Digital photography, collage, mixed media
Gary P. Zerbst
Lynda Meurk Anderson: Monotype with collage and painting
Brenna Jael: Hand-printed decorative papers & cards
Jonelle Johnson
Christa Malay: Etchings,serigraphs
Michael Rust
Kate Scott: Etchings, art prints of originals
Ruth G. Van Doren: Handmade paper, monoprint, gelatin print, etching
Anne Whirledge-Karp: Wood cuts
Rick Wigre: Intaglio printing, etching, drypoint, monoprinting, digital
Lynda Meurk Anderson: Found art using wood, metals, textiles
TJ Anderson: Lathe turned wood sculptures
Nancy Bingham: Clay sculpture
Irene M Blomberg: Stone
Joyce Brinar
Tamara Buchanan: Hand carved stone sculpture
Stephen Nicolas Carter: Wood carving
Polly Ham: Animals and natural forms in clay or mixed media
Karen Hattman: Clay and wood
Colleen James: Bronze, porcelain, paper
Peter Kuentzel: Ceramics
Terry Marshall: Mixed media paper mache
Bob McCabe: Cedar wood salmon sculpture
Barbara Mino: Clay
John Moore: Metal work
Ron Norman: New and recycled metals
Bruce Richardson: Granite, basalt, and other hard stone
Michael Rust
Chuck Schietinger: Wood carvings
Sylvia Chesley Smith
Rick Wigre: Ceramics, stone, paper, glass
Robert Wood
Sally Jane Anaya: Basketry, sculpture
Lynda Meurk Anderson: Felt making, textile natural dyeing, stitching
Edi Blomberg
Maxine Bronstein: Knitted and felted clothing, hand-dyed yarn
Brooks Brooks: Clothes, accessories
Christi Carter
Mary Bywater Cross: Woolen quilts
Joan Gouge: Clothing and home decor
Debbie Hayward: Handwoven scarves, shawls, blankets, rugs, Lopez wool
Sheila Metcalf: Hand woven, dyed, embellished textiles
Sally Moore: Printing and designing
Barbara Nepom
Rita O'Boyle: Clothing design and fabrication
Jan Scilipoti
Ruth G. Van Doren: Quilted painted textiles, tapestry
Linda Ann Vorobik: Hand-painted silk scarves
Robert Wood
Janet Yang